“Let the Love Carry on” Taiwan Santa Charity and Art Exhibition
Since 2018 Taiwan Santa has spread its love by donating painting materials and writing supplies to primary schools in remote villages. This year, Taiwan Santa's charity organization held a charity and art exhibition where seven groups of artists were invited to paint the Taiwan Santa figurine, and all the proceeds were donated.

PhotoTaiwan Santa Claus

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The Taiwan Santa charity event will be held at the Bau Yu Art Center on November 11th and will be on display until December 2nd. All the Taiwan Santa's items will be on display, from the figurines painted by the artists to new Taiwan Santa merchandise. We sincerely hope the displays can showcase the heart-warming elements of the Taiwan Santa events.

During the event, you will also have a chance to write and send a letter to Taiwan Santa and receive a reply letter this Christmas. You can spread your kindness and love by participating in the Taiwan Santa sales or writing letters during the event.

The dazzling cross-over between art and charity
Cathy Sun, Yu Kai Chen, Yi Long Chen, Ching-Yu Hsu, Dao Ming Chuang, Elin Yeh, Yoshi Yen and Kingjun painted the Taiwan Santa figure together this year. Each artist used different methods to create unique Taiwan Santa figures. Some figures fall in line with the traditional boundaries of what Santa Claus is about, some combine local Taiwanese elements, and others share themes based on outer space.
Cathy Sun “Taiwanese Santa Claus and Friends”
Cathy Sun, the founder of Taiwan Santa, proficiently used acrylic, clay, and paint to depict an original story of how Santa Claus immigrated to Taiwan from a snowy country, similar to her past. Sun calls on many "elves" to help reply to Christmas letters and send gifts and letters to our friends of all ages; we hope to have a wonderful Christmas together.

Yu Kai Chen “Alien Blessing”
Artist Yu Kai Chen's Taiwan Santa is an alien. The concept is not too farfetched if you consider how Santa Claus sends gifts to everyone, which means gifting approximately 940,000 children per minute on Christmas eve! It is reasonable to assume Santa possesses advanced alien technology. Quoting from the movie “Interstellar,” “Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.”

Yi Long Chen “Tian Gong Gold”
Yi Long Chen, an artist who studies religion, combines the Jade Emperor “Tian Gong” image with Taiwan Santa. Chen used copper foil found on joss papers to recreate Santa's facial features and extracted cypress powder and Makko Powder from incense to paint the torso of the Taiwan Santa. Chen's artistic ideal in this work is to bring a cross-over between the Jade Emperor and Santa Claus.

Ching-Yu Hsu “Grandpa Ice Lake”
Looking at Taiwan Santa reminds artist Ching-Yu Hsu of her first time in the Finnish outskirts, where she was captivated by the calm wilderness and lakes. Hence, she decided to recreate the atmosphere by painting a Santa Claus from Finland and merging elements of the Taiwan Santa figure with it. Without a doubt, her creative works are driven by many personal experiences.

Dao Ming Chuang “Good News from Christmas”
In a traditional sense, Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and for most people, it is a joyous festival. Therefore, artist Dao Ming Chuang hopes to pass on love and joy to everyone like an angel by spraying and forming a red heart symbol through delicate gradient color templates in his version of the Taiwan Santa.

Elin Yeh “Santa's Wrapping Paper”

For artist Elin Yeh, the image of Santa Claus goes beyond the traditional grandfather figure that brings joy to children. Yeh created a new Santa Claus that understands the work-life balance over the mind, body, and soul. Yeh's playful Santa is perfectly fine with bumping into a disco ball, stepping on paint, and splashing paint all over the place.

Yoshi Yen+ Kingjun “Santa Flower”
Created by the Yen brothers (Yoshi Yen+ Kingjun), “Santa Flower” paints the story of an old man from a distant forest who transformed into a flower elf that brings life and hope, making children's dreams come true in a flowery wonderland.

Did the description of the artworks above trigger your desire to paint your very own Taiwan Santa? Click on the link to purchase this limited blank doll and use it as your canvas! If you want to enjoy the works of the artists mentioned above, please also visit the Taiwan Santa Charity and Art Exhibition, open to viewers from 11/11 to 12/2.

2022 Taiwan Santa Event
Venue: Bau Yu Art Center

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