Wandering in Wanhua’s autumn Market, Enjoying Every Taste
Wanhua Autumn Market, despite the pandemic, was held last year and will be held again in November 2022. It has broken a record that one thousand people had visited in a single day. With the market art season during the limited period of “Shintomicho Market,” it is very suitable to take a walk in Wanhua from the beginning of October to November 6 and participate in experiencing activities.


TextWenchien Wu

Last year, in U-mkt, the first autumn market with the concept of "rejuvenate" was held. This year, more brands, vendors, and artists are invited to participate in the autumn market. With the concept of market art season, tables for dining together, autumn market, artworks, circus performances, and theater performances are integrated to present a colorful “Shintomicho market.”

It's just like coming to a newly visited city. In “Wanhua World Afternoon Bar,” you can drink during the day. There are art installations with flags flying on the patio, and a period-limited autumn market from November 5 to 6. Here you are in Wanhua, but not ordinary Wanhua. It is waiting for you to visit in person.

Patio Installation, Bringing You into a Colorful World
Artist Hui-Ying Tsai led the neighboring vendors and villages to participate, and 15 rubbing workshops are held, the art installation City Light. On the patio in the center of U-mkt was established cooperatively, the rubbed cloth strips waved with the wind, reflecting with faces of the city.

Drinking at All Time
The brand-new “Wanhua World Afternoon Bar” opens in U-mkt, with Japanese retro and contemporary decorations, as well as old Taiwan-style elements, forming a Taiwan-Japan mix style. Not only drinking in the daytime as the Japanese can be experienced, the kantodaki which inherits the skills of the old Namba shop in Osaka can also be tasted.


The Autumn Market with a Happy Ending
In the end, from November 5 to 6, the closing ceremony will be held by a two-day autumn market. In the autumn market of this year, vendors in the Xinfu and Dongsanshui Street traditional markets are invited to present, and new products for a limited period are launched. Also, DJ performances and international circus are invited as well. Many stylish stall brands will appear, ending autumn with happiness and welcoming the beginning of winter.

Wanhua’s autumn Market
Time: 2022/10/1-11/6
Venue: U-mkt

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