Protecting the Beautiful Oceans Together
Penghu is a place known for its natural scenery and a diverse range of ecology. However, this outlying archipelago is confronted with a difficult situation now and needs our help and protection. This is the reason why the Foundation of Pescadores Citizens (FPC) was founded and it's the goal FPC continuously works for.

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In 2009, a group of citizens gathered here to oppose a subject of debate, the construction of the casino in Penghu. These people came up with the idea to protect this beautiful archipelago, therefore. After the issue was over, FPC was founded in 2014. This non-governmental organization takes part in the issues like oceans, environmental protection, education, ecology, and more for years. This NGO hopes there'll be a sustainable operation in this sea area.

Cherish Penghu
The FPC proposed a call for Beach Cleanup in 2014. It's been over two years since the founding date of the NGO. The highest record was holding five events of the beach cleanup in a week, but it didn't work at all.

So the FPC switches the plan B, conducting a survey to analyze where marine debris comes from. The purpose of doing so is that the collected data speak. Through the survey of marine litter for two years, the FPC set up 65 monitoring points in Penghu. Such a scheme aims to gather statistics, such as analyzing where marine debris is from, screening with SOPs, allocating resources, and initiating campaigns. Eventually, the stark changes shown in the pictures reveal the result.

The FPC also provides this systematized project to local elementary schools. This will guide the children on how to screen and take action. It's a good time to educate our younger generations to participate in the line of protecting the oceans.

Making Marine Life Live in Natural Habitat
For the FPC, all the ecosystems related to Penghu are the topics they take notice of. The topics include patrolling the Green Turtle of the Wangan Township, the coral restoration, surveying the horseshoe crabs, and more. The FPC work with other social organizations to jointly protect this sea area.
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A diversity of ecology will exist only if a beautiful and clean ocean is there. Observing the flourish or decline of these marine lives will exactly reflect the truest situation of the maritime region.

Photo by brandon imbriale / Pexels
A Science Program for Coral Reef Restoration
It's a long way to go for coral reef restoration. The FPC uses the Coral Health Chart developed by the CoralWatch, a non-profit citizen science program based at The University of Queensland, to check the status of coral reefs. The inspecting actions include diving into the water and checking and recording the actual situation of coral reefs. In 2021, the FPC checked the coral reef in ten sea areas of Penghu. In 2022, the FPC is working on ten coral reef check-ups and will continuously strive to do so.

The FPC continues to collaborate with the seed propagation stations this year. Firstly, the NGO plans to place 120 pieces of coral reef restoration bricks into the Xiaomen Islet and Xiaochijiao of Penghu. Secondly, the foundation has scheduled to plant 1152 roots of coral. Third, building a restoration pilot community is on schedule. Last, it's ready to film the restoration videos.


The Foundation itself is small in size, perhaps it could just be able to focus on and deal with certain limited topics. However, once cooperating with social organizations, it will make this protection operation move forward better, wider, and deeper.

Cooperate with Friendly Groups
The FPC keeps a virtuous cycle with local institutions that strive to spread the guidance of Penghu's ecology. Like the issue of coral reef restoration, the Penghu Coral Reef Museum uses an educational way to make more people know about the ecosystem of Penghu.

Photo by Yung Sung
It's a long and difficult way to protect the oceans. The ocean protection operation will not t be possible without your support. Please donate money to help and jointly make the sea of Penghu crystal clear again.

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