Letters Being Welcomed by Santa Claus in Taiwan
Have you ever thought of writing to Santa Claus? Write down your secrets, wishes, and Christmas blessings. As the limited time that Santa Claus in Taiwan receives letters comes, sends them to him.

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Taiwan Santa announced the letter-receiving time this year: from October 24 to December 4. Write a letter and send it to p.o box 11-111, Mingde, Beitou, Taipei City. Enclose a stamped addressed envelope, and a reply from Santa Claus on Christmas will come.

So who on earth is delivering the blessings to people?

An Impulse with 7 Years of Persistence
At first, Cathy, a mother, collected letters from Santa Claus worldwide with her children. Unfortunately, in 2016, when the time to send a letter to Santa Claus come to her, it was missed, and all the Christmas mailboxes were shut down.
In order not to disappoint the children, Cathy decided to play Taiwan Santa herself. In 2016, Taiwan Santa was founded and received more than 500 letters, 1000 in 2017, 1500 in 2018, and a total of more than 40000 letters by 2019.

Establishment of Taiwan Santa Claus Association
Due to the huge number of letters in 2019, she realized that Taiwan Santa is no longer a matter for a single person. Through the promotion, the existence of Taiwan Santa is known by more people.

In order to hand down this passion, the Taiwan Santa Claus Association was founded by Cathy in June of the following year to pass on the joy of Christmas.
The Birth of Christmas Elves
To deal with a large number of letters, in 2019, the Taiwan Santa Claus Association recruited Christmas Elves as volunteers to reply to letters.

Cathy, the founder of the company, also said that replying to letters seems simple, but in fact, many details shall be paid attention to. For example, “Do not preach” is a concept that the association must pass on to the Christmas elves.

This activity not only helps the association to reply to letters from everywhere, but also enables the Christmas elves to understand how to deliver warmth in their replies.

Worthy Hard work
With its growth, the Taiwan Santa Claus association has received letters from the president and from overseas, which surprised the members and put them in a dilemma about whether to continue this activity or not.

After all, it is never an easy task o classify a large number of letters and train volunteers. But for this meaningful activity, the Taiwan Santa Claus association still opened up to receive letters this year and continued to deliver good happiness.

This year, more Christmas-related activities will take place. Please focus on Taiwan Santa Claus and Yii’s Facebook for the latest news!

2022 Taiwan Santa Event
Address:p.o box 11-111, Mingde, Beitou, Taipei City.

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