Lighting up the North Coast at Night
Many people are impressed by the daytime itineraries on the north coast of Taiwan. They wander along the seashore by a drive and will go back in the afternoon. However, the event North Coast Light Festival is much more brilliant and fun at night!

PhotoJuming Museum

TextWenchien Wu

Co-hosted by the New Taipei City Government Landscaping Office and the Juming Museum, the 2022 North Coast Light Festival plans four major exhibition areas. This festival invites numerous artists to come to the aid of this great event to showcase their artworks. Moreover, some brilliant installation arts are placed in these four display areas. The display of these installation arts makes the north coast more attractive than usual.

Building on last year's favorable reviews, the organizer once again invites the Coming True Fire Group to perform their signature fire dance. The fire show will play on the next two Saturdays.

Local Customs and Practices of the North Coast
This time, the North Coast Light Festival adopts three main elements, which combine with the local characteristics of the Jinshan District. The features are Mountain Welding, Sea Sulfur, and Rock Kiln. Mountain Welding is the expression that the welding sparks caused by the artists when creating their works in the mountains. Sea Sulfur presents a figurative expression of the unique and traditional sulfuric fire fishing in Jinshan. Rock Kiln expresses the fire pits made for Taiwanese outdoor BBQ activities. People know that sweet potatoes are the local specialty of Jinshan. And Rock kiln cooking is the best way of cooking to make the sweet potato tastier.
Taking a Visit to the Installation Arts
The art pieces are placed respectively at four exhibition areas for display this year. Such as An Electronic Monster #23 - Scan the Around by Yao Chung-han, founder of the Loudly Lightning Studio, this artwork is placed at the Zhongjiao Bay International Surfing Base. This art piece is sparkling at night and the light is radiated from its ringlike structure, catching people's attention to stop by and appreciate it.

Another artistry located in the adjacent site is the bamboo-made artwork Moon in the Fire by the environmental artist Lee Kuei-chih. This artistic object combines two elements, tide and fire, to express the most down-to-earth culture sited at the seashore area in Jinshan.

The art piece Optical Gap-Moon Halo by the Tainan artist CHEN Yu-jung exhibits at Zhilan Park. Lee takes the lines of a crescent moon to express the distinct phases of the Moon. It's an artistic object symbolizing the unpredictability of life figuratively.

The artworks placed in the remaining exhibition areas include the Jinbauli, Taiwan by the paper-cutting artist Cheng Jo-han, and the image creation Fish Sauce by the anime director Yeh Yu-han. And The Shiny life Fortune Telling Machine by the Taiwan Fairy Artist Ni Jui-hung is an artistic piece. It has the creative function of guiding people on how to get onto the right path in life.

Impression of the Amazing Fire Dance Witnessing by Yourself
The Coming True Fire Group's performance last year earned favorable reviews. This troupe will perform five brilliant shows this year, including two shows at the Zhongjiao Bay on the following two Saturdays, August 27 and September 3, at 7 pm.

Virtuous Cycle to the Local: North Coast Sweet-potato-made Crayons
Collaborating with the Juming Museum, local farmers, and enterprises, the launched North Coast Sweet-potato-made Crayons are upcycling products by using leftover sweet potatoes. This cultural product made by local specialty will gift to the thirteen rural elementary schools sited along the north coast. Such a good deed spreads a virtuous cycle to the local communities & starts aesthetic education for the childhood of the younger generation as well.

North Coast Light Festival
Time:17:00~21:00, August 5 to September 4, 2022
Venue:Zhongjiao Bay International Surfing Base, Zhongshan Hot Springs Park, Jinbaoli Cihu Temple, and Zhilan Park


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