I Know, Therefore I Love: Knowing the Happiness Code
The Yii Cultural Enterprise hosts this sharing session “I Know, Therefore I Love” and invites the attending physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Connie Hung, and the physical therapist, Wendy, to together have a speech. At this collaborative meeting, these two main presenters will share with you the clinical cases and advise you on how to properly take care of your body.

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Ms. Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise, would like to share with you guys this event “I Know, Therefore I Love: Knowing the Happiness Code of Your Body.” So Kung invites Dr. Connie Hung, the attending physician of the OB/GYN, and Wendy, the physical therapist, to be the main speakers. Hosted by a double presenter model, these two professionals will guide you guys to pay attention to the warning messages that your body tries to tell you.

Speaking Boldly for Girl Talks Today
Dr. Connie Hung, the attending physician of the OB/GYN, is the first presenter at this sharing session. Hung's expertise is in cosmetic gynecology surgery, gynecology, and urinary incontinence. Hung's sharing concentrates on women's common gynecology symptoms and tells some key symptoms to be paid attention to. More than that, Hung informs everyone of the necessity of seeking medical treatment. Hung says, please don't ever feel too shy to ask for treatment, otherwise, your body would be suffered from the symptom, therefore. And of course, the symptoms will affect your everyday life as well.

Therefore, Hung introduces gynecological inflammation and treatment, a new mom's postpartum mood disorders and postpartum complications, and the relevant symptoms associated with the hormone changes for menopausal women. And Hung explains the advantages and disadvantages of corresponding treatments as well.

Also, Hung promotes the V'COR Vulva Mask that she mentioned in the sharing session. These V'COR products are researched and developed by a team of obstetricians plus the GMP-certified biomedical technology. Manufactured in Taiwan, the used ingredients of V'COR products have been certified by the ECOCERT, an organic certification organization in Europe, and the SGS.

Understanding Your Body Code
Wendy,  the physical therapist, will share with everyone in the second round of the sharing session. She specializes in postural assessment, myofascial release, full-body chiropractic adjustments, sports injury prevention and protection, health-related physical fitness, and sports training.

Firstly, Wendy asks everyone to take a look at the positions of their ears, shoulders, and even two-side waistlines by visual inspection to check if these body parts are balanced. This visual check is to review the balance status of their bodies. Next, she asks everyone to follow her actions. The first part is to do the chin retractions and neck and shoulder rolls. The second part is to bend the left elbow and let the left hand fall behind the head; move the right arm behind the back and bend the arm; and, reach to grab the left palm with the right palm. The third part is to bend the body forward. Then, everyone starts to observe their body status one by one, which they might ignore usually. They check if their one-side body or lumbar vertebrae are over ankylosis.

Wendy reminds everyone that their position might become the status of anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt when they stand and carry a mobile phone or hand a baby in their arms. Regarding urinary incontinence, the women's problem Dr. Hung mentioned earlier, Wendy mentions that pelvic floor muscle exercises could help relieve the symptoms. At the same time, Wendy reminds everyone that keeping a good position is the key to maintaining correct exercise of their pelvic floor muscles. Then, she guides attendees to practice the said exercise.

In the last round of the sharing session, the organizer also invites Vivian Chang, author of the book I'm Really Good After Becoming a Mom, to share with everyone the process of writing this book. It leads to a perfect ending for this event then.

Latest Event News
Dr. Hung will collaborate with Starry Meow for a new, brilliant sharing session. This presentation will deeply interpret the love connection between star signs and the body. If you want to know the content of their talk, stay tuned to the media platforms of Yii Cultural Enterprise.

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