National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium “VR Submarine” Event
Have you had any wonderful memory from the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in Pingtung, Taiwan? You may have traveled with your family when you were little, traveled with your friends for the first time, or with your romantic partner, or you could have taken your kids to recollect the colors of the marine world. These wonderful sections of memories contented the beautiful chapters of each life. Starting today and until October 11, the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium invites you to visit the summer edition of “VR Submarine” and to experience that wonderful marine chapters this summer.

PhotoNational Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

TextBecky Tu

This summer, the limited “VR Submarine” of the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium adopts an AI interactive projection wall, giant fluorescent illustration corridor, and display of young coral reef fish, in an attempt to expand our imagination for the ocean and life. We are all living in this land of abundant marine resources and each encounter with the marine is valuable serendipity.

This 20-meter “Florescent Galaxy” of florescent illustration corridor shows a dazzling design. The bright and eye-catching jellyfish, colorful coral reef fish, and various marine organisms, all become the starry sparkles shining the florescent galaxy, putting the guests in the submarine world.

Abundant Marine Vitality
The large projector, “Dance with the Whale,” allows guests of all ages to wave at the giant humpback whale slowly swimming on the wall. You can also take a photo of you swimming with the whale. You can also down the photos as lovely memorabilia. 

“VR Submarine” displays various young coral reef fish and is one marine education lesson where no dismissal is desired. You can see a lot of Coris aygula with many black and orange spots, acting like the spot artists in the ocean. The angel fish with blue-ripple stripes and the six types of young super-mini clownfish were restored by the museum. Moreover, these young fish will become completely different looks and even gender in response to the environment when they grow up. How amazing! After watching the young fish, you can also search for the adult fish of these fish at the Coral Kingdom, to witness the magic of marine ecology in person. 

“VR Submarine” depicts the dazzling world under the sea level through a diversity of approaches, so that all tourists can perceive every touching moment of the ocean through the exhibition of abundant vitality under the sea level. 

“VR Submarine” Event
Date: Until October 11, 2021
For more information, please visit the event website
Note: During 2nd pandemic alert level, tickets are reserved and purchased online or at the ticket office. The museum controls the total amount of admission. Please coordinate with various epidemic prevention measures. 

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