Dream Builders Denim Builds Double Comfort
Would you like a hug when you are feeling depressed and down? On one occasion, “Dream Builders Denim” stretched out the hands that have once been supported and developed the “Weight Comfort Series” to pass the warmth to more people in need of power.

PhotoYung Sung

TextBecky Tu

When you feel depressed and down, a simple hug not only conveys warmth but perhaps gives you the power to move on.

Is this the personal perception?

Study shows that hugging someone over 8 seconds will release happy hormones- oxytocin. The increase of oxytocin will also increase serotonin and melatonin, which will help lower the stress hormone cortisol. Moreover, there is one item in life that can be used daily. The change of a feature of this item can produce a similar effect on the human body, bringing stress-relief, relaxing, and sleep-inducing effects.

The answer to that would be a weighted blanket.

An Embracing Comfort
A spin-off social enterprise with transformation from Yilan Dream Builders Family Care Association, “Dream Builders Denim” started out with recycling denim fabric to make stuffed toys for pets. Dream Builders Denim intends to utilize the adept sewing skills of the mothers from the Yilan area and put recycled denim fabric into practical use, thereby raising funds for the support of more single-parent families. In 2017, “Dream Builders Denim” launched the subscription on the charity platform for the first time, turning these handmade stuffed toys made of delicate labor and with lovely style into the favorite toys of dogs and cats. Then, Dream Builders Denim offers various comfort items such as stuffed toys, charms, throw pillows, backpacks, and Gueishan Island, which eventually expands the product lines of “Dream Builders Denim”. 

However, as Yuki Liu, the CEO of “Dream Builders Denim” recalled, a brand-new product has been developed under one special occasion. 

In 2018, Doctor of Psychology- JiaQi Hu introduced the popular stress-relief blankets from the U.S., which are designed to add weight to the blanket and gives pressure on the body. Using deep pressure simulation, the nerves are adjusted and relaxed in order to reach the stress release function such as relaxation and anxiety alleviation, and even reduce symptoms such as insomnia and depression. For this reason, “Dream Builders Denim” has produced the weighted stuffed toys based on this principle by adding the cotton weight of the filling inside the stuffed toys or replacing the filling with red beans. The first production of the weighted stuffed toy was delivered to Taitung County Pei Nan Junior High School, followed by Lotung Poh-Ai Hospital and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Yilan, in the hope of company more children going through PTSD and providing them with some comfort. 

In 2018, as many people still recall today, the accident of Puyuma Express derail occurred. Yuki Liu immediately wondered “what can we do for those who have undergone such trauma,” when the accident occurred. At the time, the “Dream Builders Denim” used the charity fund donated by people to produce various weighted, stress-relief blankets to the department in charge, in an attempt to deliver comforting power for the people in fright and panic. 

Development of Weight Comfort Series 

Yuki Liu admitted that when they first made the weighted stress-relief blankets, they have studied details of production and experience mostly from foreign information, as they could not find any material and production method for compliance in Taiwan. For this reason, the production team was making and leaning at the same time, improving the average rough fabric used overseas, and the flaws with larger gaps between the blanket compartments. The team replaces the fabric with delicate and skin-friendly Tencel denim and minimizes the distance between compartments, thereby improving the flaws of uneven distribution of internal fillings. Meanwhile, the Dream Builders Denim team abandons the filling with plastic particles used by foreign companies but replaces it with obsidian for the weighted blanket, in an attempt to add value to the performance of stress-relief blanket through crystals that absorb negative energy. 

In August 2020, “Dream Builders Denim” officially released the weighted comfort series. Initially, Dream Builders Denim took only customization orders, such as the demand from the school counseling office, so that the weighted blankets clinically used in healing support in the past can help more children with autism, ADHD, compulsive disorders, or PTSD that could easily lead to anxiety, to soothe their anxiety. 

In April, 2021, the deadly Taroko Express train accident urged “Dream Builders Denim” to mobilize their member team again and they worked overtime to sew the weighted blankets and delivered them to the department in charge. They wished to do their best and provide maximum comfort power. The team members who have received help knew that the power that supported them during their most vulnerable time not only support themselves but also became the fluent source to pass down beneficence. 

Right now, the “weighted comfort series” have developed various products, including the weighted blanket, weighted stuffed toys, weighted throw pillow, and weighted scarf and shawl, so that people can be snuggled and embraced. Each handmade product can convey the stress-relieving and comfort effect, supporting more people each day. 

【About Dream Builders Denim】
“Dream Builders Denim” is a spin-off social enterprise with transformation from Yilan Dream Builders Family Care Association. The enterprise utilizes the sewing talents of the Association members - mostly the mothers from the Yilan area, to create a unique production line. The brand, “Dream Builders Denim” made its debut in 2017 and still growing step by step. 

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