Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Amantaka: A Historic Old Town of Laos

Aman Group operates numerous low-key yet luxurious resorts in over 20 countries. Combined with natural environments, Aman Resorts focus on featuring local cultures particularly. This time, we come to the Amantaka, sited in Luang Prabang of Laos, to explore the French colonial garden estate in the old town of Laos.

Sunset and the Ocean: Leisure with the Whole Island

For some people, taking a vacation means taking a good rest in a serene place. Then the “one island, one resort” Six Senses Krabey Island in Cambodia, is suitable for you.

Top 3 Itineraries in Switzerland to Relieve the Summer Heat

Switzerland, a location with the daytime temperature from July to August in the range of 18°C to 28°C, will be the best mountain resort to visit in summer. Here are three itineraries to experience the Swiss local customs and lifestyles.

Entering the Kenyan Savanna, Getting Close to the Wildlife

The first experience of the animals for most people of Taiwan is the zoos over the island. Have you ever imagined what the zebra, giraffe, and hippo look like when they are in the savanna, the home of wildlife? Being full of vitality is the real life of this Kenyan savanna.




It is worth your record just because it is a precious memory

A Solo Exhibition by Chi-Hao Wei

In the scorching summer days, A Solo Exhibition by Chi-Hao Wei held by Yii Cultural will come to a perfect end tomorrow, and the grand finale was the "Photography & Traveling Sharing Session" co-hosted by photographer, Chi-Hao Wei, and the founder of the Yii Cultural, Ruo-Jia, Kung the other day. Let's look at the records of that day in written form.

Special Exhibition in June: "Chiseling the Light with Ink"

Displayed at the JustCo's Dian Shih building in Taipei, the “Chiseling the Light with Ink” special exhibition has been presented throughout June and will be closed next week. During the exhibition period, Alëna Olasyuk's works accompany those who work or have a meeting here.

Do You Have To Be Crazy To Be Creative?

It may be true for many artists that craziness expressed in creativity. It is also easy to assume that to accomplish fame and wealth, one has to be crazy for being creative. Is this really true?

Unleash Your Creativity

“I can be more creative not because I’m an artist, so whatever I do is creative. It doesn’t work like this.” Many people often talk to Alëna Olasyuk, “ I wish I could be as creative as You.” What Alëna Olasyuk thinks about Creativity?



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A Certain Healing Journey for the Sweltering Summer

While experiencing an eye yoga course by the sea, you could gently close your eyes, feel warm but not blazing sunlight casting into your eyes, feel the cool breeze blowing through your hair, and then take a deep breath.



Brunch date with Lena: Valentine's Day’s ingenious makeup

The very day after tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Have you come up with any idea what makeup to wear on a date? Come on, let's have a brunch date with makeup artist Lena! She’ll teach you how to put on ingenious and seductive makeup; however, it looks natural and simple.



Brunch Date with Lena: Getting a Natural Makeup Look Done Easily

With the time of enjoying a brunch, follow the makeup artist Lena Lee and practice how to use your fingers to apply the cream makeup products and get a casual yet natural makeup look.



Purifying moment of the Window of the Soul

Every time in the eye yoga process, there is always a part that the students are looking forward to — washing their eyes. After washing, the eyes feel comfortable. In fact, such a relaxing ritual can be implemented at home. Let’s walk in teacher Marx’s footsteps, and purify your eyes!




Representing the personality of a person, What personality are you going to present?

Starry Meow Dice Divination 001

Sharing a House with the Never-Ending Man

15 Years at Studio Ghibli

Starry Meow Weekly Horoscope 0810-0816

At the beginning of this week, in the overall environment, challenges are still everywhere, and the social condition is still tense. It is the moment that you should stabilize your emotions.

The Tofu-themed Premium Cuisine in Ebisu

Do you know how much the Japanese love tofu? Located in Ebisu of Tokyo, the Tofu Shokudo is a specialty store that serves tofu dishes. It's a restaurant that serves freshly made tofu-made dishes to people and makes people like living in tofu heaven.



Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Sleepover at the Marine Biology and Aquarium

Have you watched the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo? Are you also astonished by the scene of those jumping-out whales? Come to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, and join the sleepover!

I love therefore I am

The Ancient Tea Trees That Turned the Fate of a Region

This is a story of how destiny is turned around. Wa State, located on the northern border of Myanmar, is struggling to break free from the poisonous influence of poppies and is using the thousand-year-old tea given by God to hold up a drop of hope for the next generation.

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium “VR Submarine” Event

Have you had any wonderful memory from the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in Pingtung, Taiwan? You may have traveled with your family when you were little, traveled with your friends for the first time, or with your romantic partner, or you could have taken your kids to recollect the colors of the marine world. These wonderful sections of memories contented the beautiful chapters of each life. Starting today and until October 11, the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium invites you to visit the summer edition of “VR Submarine” and to experience that wonderful marine chapters this summer.



experience the local customs with a loved one. enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Childlike Graffiti Paying Tribute to Life

In the paintings of Indonesian contemporary artist, Indra Dodi, neither complicated and heavy oil paints nor extremely realistic subject descriptions exist. Instead, childlike graffiti demonstrates his personal colors.

Exhibition of Ishiuchi Miyako: Women's Strong Will

Artificial limbs, the possessions left behind by the deceased, and even the fragments of a war, mean incomplete objects for ordinary people. But, for Ishiuchi Miyako, a Japanese photographic artist, these fragmentary objects present the beauty of life.

These Flowers 2022: Fully Exploration of the Crossover Collaboration

Entering its eighth year, These Flowers is moved to exhibit at the ALIEN Art Centre of Kaohsiung this year. Collaborating with nine groups of musicians and eleven groups of artists, this exhibition brings the visitors a visual-cum-auditory dual experience.

Elegant yet Powerful Creations: Fang-Yu Chou's Wonderworld

Artist Fang-Yu Chou usually adopts the artist-in-residence programs. It's a way to work in a new environment and explore new ideas inventively. Chou is excelling at taking the ideas in her mind and combining them with the local environment, architecture, and ecology to create a series of artistic works that touch people's hearts.