Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Dream-building tannins make black and white life glow with magical colors

The Best Mother's Day Gift

Ruo-Jia Kung, the founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise and the author of the ''Little Princess's Fantasy Journey'', had spent 14 months visiting 12 countries and 47 resort hotels with her husband who is a photographer, and her then 4-month-old daughter.

The Best Restaurant Mirazur is Popping Up in Singapore Chances to Enjoy Cuisine Away from Côte d’ Azur

Mirazur received three Michelin stars and the No. 1 slot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019. And Mirazur, lead by chef-patron Mauro Colagreco, is set to launch a 3-month residency in Singapore at Mandala Club.

Heaven, Earth and Me Exclusive Retreat in Paradero Todos Santos

The yellow desert stretches to the azure blue sky, and the tranquility is definitely the longing of the heart! Leaving the crowd to explore the unknown, I believe this journey will remain in your heart for a long time.




It is worth your record just because it is a precious memory

Discover The World From The Perspective of " Guest"

Becoming a photographer is just one of interests to the photo artist, Chi-Hao,Wei. He is a lover of self-guided tour; entering the photography business is just to record each detailed story of his journeys. His rigorous and careful personality creates the beauty of a tiny square space that impresses the operators of the major hotels.

Yii Look Book | Volume 01

From now on, follow these eyes with us, no matter when and where, let us lead you on a unique experience of exploring the world and awaken your longing for life.


Repetition Beyond all concepts and meanings, there is the simple pleasure of witnessing the endless repetition of waves, of mountains, of fire, of the wind that moves the grass, of people's lives, and of lines… As simple a process as a constant repetition of ink lines might represent a long and personal path of self-development in art and in life… Simplicity might hide complexity, masculinity might mask tenderness.

Golden Boy

In a pure white wooden space, condenses a dark pool of water I sprinkled golden stars on the canvas of my body It is the body that fluctuates with the current, and it is you that the eyes focus on



Are you looking for a better self?
Add a little confidence to your infinite possibilities


Pure white



The Colors

Those that are not special Maybe someday put them together There will be unexpected surprises Never underestimate everything you don't understand




Like moving clouds and flowing water Smooth Let things go by themselves



Wear on colorless ╴Born of nature

Take off the mask. Wear on colorless. Born of nature




Representing the personality of a person, What personality are you going to present?

Pineapple cake

Tokyo Luxury

Refreshing Couscous with High-mountain Oolong Tea

Couscous can easily absorb diverse flavors when adding other ingredients and the texture is tender and refreshing. Today we are going to try using the oolong tea to cook a vegan dish!

Honey-Scented Black Tea Pound Cake for Beginners

If you do not like pound cake, it is most likely that you have not tried a good one. Today, we are going to make a honey-scented black tea pound cake for afternoon tea.



Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

All About Love - Ironmama Rita's Lunchbox Studio

Ms. Rita Tsai, the author of the bestseller ''Ironmama Rita's Story of Lunchbox-Making'', introduces how to make a stunning, cute-food-filled, and colorful lunchbox for kids through her love, skillful hands, and this cookbook. Ironmama Rita is going to share her skills with everyone. Come and see what is Rita's sharing!

Return To The Forest | Life in Process X Alëna Olasyuk

The breath that can't be taken for granted, the breath is actually delicate but also firmly affects people's various memories and thoughts. What really touches us is the subtle emotion that the artist blends into the picture when presenting the theme.

Step back to enjoy the simple, step closer to feel the complex |In Between—A Solo Exhibition by Alëna Olasyuk

The concept of “in between” roots in Alëna’s mind deeply, as she grew up in Ukraine, but she has been living in China for the past 10 years. She gets inspired by the geometry of architecture and suprematism in physical world, but also by invisible, emotion, and Buddhism.

Transform the Paper as Wall-sized Canvas & Chiseling the Light with Ink — A Solo Exhibition by Alëna Olasyuk

There are several dozen works, selected from different stages of creations to the launch of the latest work, for this solo exhibition of Alëna Olasyuk - ''Chiseling the light with ink''. This solo show attempts not just to classify the history of Olasyuk's creative experience since she has resided in Beijing for many years, but to specifically embody the achievements of life aesthetics that she has kept in mind of ''art is the other words of spiritual cultivation'' as time passes



experience the local customs with a loved one. enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Art Basel Live Takes You Parallel to the 2021 Hong Kong Fair

The upcoming Art Basel Hong Kong fair will run in physical show and digital streaming hybrid modes this year. It enriches the art fair levels of exhibition with technology and also bringing creative opportunities.

Chiharu Shiota: “The Soul Trembles” Special Exhibition

The traveling exhibition “Chiharu Shiota: The Soul Trembles” began in Taipei in May. As you may or may not have heard of Chiharu Shiota, pay a visit to her exhibition, and feel the reverberating thump of openness of mind in her works.

Chinese Jade Collection ─British Museum

Many people have been to the British Museum. Regarding the jade exhibition area, you may also pass by in a hurry. Maybe through the curator Tiffany's little introduction, you can have more nostalgia in the jade exhibition area of the China and South Asia Pavilion next time you are in the British Museum. The time of sticking incense, taste the meaning of our culture.

Curators from all over the world must make a pilgrimage-Atelier des Lumières

The Atelier des Lumières is led by Beatrice Avanzi, curator of the Musée d’Orsay, advertised as the theme of "Immersive Exhibition", such as a symphony full of pictures in front of you, with more than 3,300 images Like a musical note, you can't catch or stay, you can only follow its gorgeous and flowing...