Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Amangalla: The Shimmering Star Among the Ancient City

Amangalla, a heavenly resort hidden in the ancient city of over 400 years, contains the western amorous feelings in its oriental spirit, guiding the guests to feel the richness of the ages at a leisurely and relaxing pace.

A Stunning Luxury Sasaab Journey in the Heart of the Samburu Wilderness

Near Ewaso Nyiro River and in midst of the equatorial draught and scorch, the fascinating Sasaab, situated in north-central Kenya, interprets the overflowing vigor of the wilderness.

Secluded Leisure | Six Senses Shaharut

After crossing the yellow sand spanning in the front, Six Senses Shaharut looks like a pearl inlay on the collar that erects on the cliff, secluded from the sky and the earth.

Realize Your Pink Dreams at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp

Today is a good day for sea watching with the surrounding azure blue in the Timor Sea, the Alas Strait, and the vast Indian Ocean. Today is also a good day for treading the wave. The pink beach lightens people’s moods and fills them with joy. Let’s go to Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp in Lombok today!




It is worth your record just because it is a precious memory

Do You Have To Be Crazy To Be Creative?

It may be true for many artists that craziness expressed in creativity. It is also easy to assume that to accomplish fame and wealth, one has to be crazy for being creative. Is this really true?

Unleash Your Creativity

“I can be more creative not because I’m an artist, so whatever I do is creative. It doesn’t work like this.” Many people often talk to Alëna Olasyuk, “ I wish I could be as creative as You.” What Alëna Olasyuk thinks about Creativity?

Yii Look Book | Volume 01

From now on, search for this pair of eyes with us. Let us lead you in exploring the exceptional experience of the world, anytime, anywhere; and awake your yearning for life in the past.


How can we understand the world and what is beyond, without understanding something that is the closest to us, which is ourselves?



Are you looking for a better self?
Add a little confidence to your infinite possibilities


Eye Yoga—The Healing Method You Have to Know

“Eye Yoga” is a healing method you should know. Marx Lin, an Amar Eye Yoga authorized and certified eyes yoga teacher, will show you how to improve your eyes by simple and consistent practices.



The Upside Down Me

Just relaxing myself Letting my mind wander I can make decisions that don't have to please anyone



Women Who Love Themselves Are Most Beautiful

Ruo-Jia Kung – founder of the Yii Cultural Enterprise says it’s not difficult to love yourself. Loving yourself is such a blessed thing. The world is open and alive. Don’t limit yourself. When you look at yourself, you are free. When you love yourself, you become more beautiful.



Soothe Yourself with a Cup of Yogi Tea

Is the Yogi tea only for practicing yoga? No. With the scent of cinnamon, cloves, and fresh ginger, boosted by the warmth of black tea, Yogi tea has an excellent daily health care effect. In taking a slow sip, it feels as if the tea has repaired and replenished the body. It feels like the body has regained vitality.




Representing the personality of a person, What personality are you going to present?

Ray Chin

Starry Meow Weekly Horoscope 0915-0921

Relationships will be the major focus of September, and interpersonal relationships are often one of the most difficult areas to clarify and deal with. This period of time allows us to sort out and grow, and the outcome will depend on our wisdom.

Starry Meow Weekly Horoscope 0908-0914

As Mercury extends staying in Libra and opposite Chiron in the second week of September, the focus of life continues to be on adjusting and adapting to our relationships. It could be thinking about your close partner's attitude towards each other, struggling with the knack of getting along and understanding of your work team members, or it could be that unseen relationship is being pushed to become clearer. In any case, no matter how unpleasant it might be, there are still opportunities to grow. Only by solving old problems can the possibility of new beginnings be made.

Gardens of Gravel and Sand

Where have you visited when you travel to Kyoto, Japan? Have you seen the must-visit “Karesansui Garden (Zen Garden)? However, can you really tell the difference by looking at the rocks and fine sand? Leonard Koren will introduce you to “Wabi-sabi” that could not be described by the Japanese. In this book, the author will take us to the journey of Japanese aesthetics through gravel and sand so that you can comprehend the “Karesansui Garden (Zen Garden)” in Kyoto more than most Japanese.



Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

The Ancient Tea Trees That Turned the Fate of a Region

This is a story of how destiny is turned around. Wa State, located on the northern border of Myanmar, is struggling to break free from the poisonous influence of poppies and is using the thousand-year-old tea given by God to hold up a drop of hope for the next generation.

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium “VR Submarine” Event

Have you had any wonderful memory from the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in Pingtung, Taiwan? You may have traveled with your family when you were little, traveled with your friends for the first time, or with your romantic partner, or you could have taken your kids to recollect the colors of the marine world. These wonderful sections of memories contented the beautiful chapters of each life. Starting today and until October 11, the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium invites you to visit the summer edition of “VR Submarine” and to experience that wonderful marine chapters this summer.

Dream Builders Denim Builds Double Comfort

Would you like a hug when you are feeling depressed and down? On one occasion, “Dream Builders Denim” stretched out the hands that have once been supported and developed the “Weight Comfort Series” to pass the warmth to more people in need of power.

Dream Builders Denim Bring the Sunshine into Your Life

A group of people, locating in a simple small town surrounding by the paddy fields in the Northeast Coast of Taiwan, are fighting against their fate & utilizing denim to create a new, more brilliant life for themselves.



experience the local customs with a loved one. enriching each other's life is your fashion life.


2021 Asian Art Biennial in Taichung, Taiwan

“Phantasmapolis” is comprised of two Greek words, phantasma-meaning phantom, and polis- meaning metropolitan and city. As the center of the 2021 Asian Art Biennial, “Phantasmapolis” is based on the framework of a city that explores into the context of “Asian Futurism” and Sci-Fi themes in modern and contemporary Asian arts.

Nanhui Art Project Invites to Forward from Here

2021 Nanhui Art Project features the theme in “Sicevudan– Forward from here.” 14 portfolios of artworks are invited to exhibit around the South-link Highway, describing the exclusive South-link related stories so you can acquaint yourself with this beautiful and clean land of South-link.

The Road of White Porcelain Art of Heinrich Wang

In Heinrich Wang's porcelain artworks, it is hard to imagine that those delicate curves and folds are the result of countless strokes of softening, deformation, shrinking, and cracking with the alternation of temperature. Now in his first complete solo exhibition in Taiwan, you may experience all of his 18 years of porcelain creations all at once.