Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Koh Kood: An Unspoiled Robinson Crusoe Island in Thailand

The Koh Kood is an island located in the eastern Gulf of Thailand. It's the fourth largest island in Thailand. Also, it's one of the mysterious yet must-visit tourist attractions on foreign travelers' favorite tropical vacation lists.

A Renowned Heaven in South Thailand Will Reopen Soon

Fall is in the air in Taiwan. Autumn is a cooling-off season with clear and refreshing weather. But, you feel like some more summertime to be enjoyed on a sea island is a great idea, right? The famed on-earth paradise located in South Thailand will open on 15th October.

A Robinson Crusoe Island in Reality

The hotel, Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa, it's located in Zanzibar of Tanzania. This luxury hotel strikes a balance between luxury and traditional preservation and works on sustainably contributing back to the local community.

Orient Express: Luxury Trains Travel Through Europe

The Venice-Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) is best known as a rolling palace. The trains are meticulously restored with the 1920s retro styles and with luxurious interiors for the carriages. Currently, apart from its original interiors, four new carriages renovated with distinctive decors are launched.




It is worth your record just because it is a precious memory

A Solo Exhibition by Chi-Hao Wei

In the scorching summer days, A Solo Exhibition by Chi-Hao Wei held by Yii Cultural will come to a perfect end tomorrow, and the grand finale was the "Photography & Traveling Sharing Session" co-hosted by photographer, Chi-Hao Wei, and the founder of the Yii Cultural, Ruo-Jia, Kung the other day. Let's look at the records of that day in written form.

Special Exhibition in June: "Chiseling the Light with Ink"

Displayed at the JustCo's Dian Shih building in Taipei, the “Chiseling the Light with Ink” special exhibition has been presented throughout June and will be closed next week. During the exhibition period, Alëna Olasyuk's works accompany those who work or have a meeting here.

Do You Have To Be Crazy To Be Creative?

It may be true for many artists that craziness expressed in creativity. It is also easy to assume that to accomplish fame and wealth, one has to be crazy for being creative. Is this really true?

Unleash Your Creativity

“I can be more creative not because I’m an artist, so whatever I do is creative. It doesn’t work like this.” Many people often talk to Alëna Olasyuk, “ I wish I could be as creative as You.” What Alëna Olasyuk thinks about Creativity?



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Lena’s Beauty Recipe



Endless Summer

Supermodel Jolie and DJ Jenny spent an Orange & Teal afternoon across Guishan Island.



Brunch Date with Lena on How to Create A Butterfly-Like Makeup Style

Halloween parties are right around this weekend! Need to make up your mind on what makeup to wear? Makeup artist Lena prepared a fantastic idea for you. Let colorful butterfly wings become the protagonist during your Halloween makeup journey!



Brunch Date with Lena: Applying Tear Makeup for the Coming Halloween

Halloween is around the corner. Come join us and follow the makeup artist Lena Lee and learn how to apply tear makeup. The time spent on learning makeup is just the same as the one spent on brunch. You'll be the stunning star on a social occasion after trying this!




Representing the personality of a person, What personality are you going to present?

Horoscope Dice 7

Astrologers use the houses, the planets in astrology, and the zodiac signs to divine the future matters that will happen in the coming two months. As this method of divination provides high accuracy, the horoscope dice becomes Starry Meow's most-used portable astrology tool.

Misonomi Soup Stand

Horage’s Atypical Path to Creating Miracles

For German-Taiwanese couple Andreas Felsl and Tzuyu Huang, who founded the independent Swiss watchmaking brand Horage, watchmaking is a lifelong passion. Therefore, they strive for perfection and settle for nothing less.

A Teatime Talking About the Birth Chart and Venus

Tuesday afternoon is a great time to hold a teatime talk and pair up with some cookies and the healthy drink Black Soybean Essence served by the brand Chérie. Starry Meow shows up in this symposium to share her understanding and views of the zodiac signs for years.



Experience the local customs with a loved one Enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Grand Opening of the Taiwan Santa Charity and Art Exhibition

The Taiwan Santa Charity and Art Exhibition officially opened on November 11th and will last till December 2nd. You are cordially invited to lend us your presence. Artworks, letters written by children from various countries, and Taiwan Santa accessories await your visit.

Wandering in Wanhua’s autumn Market, Enjoying Every Taste

Wanhua Autumn Market, despite the pandemic, was held last year and will be held again in November 2022. It has broken a record that one thousand people had visited in a single day. With the market art season during the limited period of “Shintomicho Market,” it is very suitable to take a walk in Wanhua from the beginning of October to November 6 and participate in experiencing activities.

Protecting the Beautiful Oceans Together

Penghu is a place known for its natural scenery and a diverse range of ecology. However, this outlying archipelago is confronted with a difficult situation now and needs our help and protection. This is the reason why the Foundation of Pescadores Citizens (FPC) was founded and it's the goal FPC continuously works for.



experience the local customs with a loved one. enriching each other's life is your fashion life.

Art Kaohsiung’s10th Anniversary

This year, Art Kaohsiung welcomes its 10th Anniversary exhibit at The Pier 2 Art Center from November 11th to 13th. This exhibition will feature artworks from hundreds of artists as Art Kaohsiung plans to become a center that combines Northeast Asian and Southeast Asian arts.

Japanese Fashion Designer Akira Minagawa Debuts in Kaohsiung

This weekend, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts will host the “TSUZUKU” exhibition by Akira Minagawa, the founder of the Japanese brand minä perhonen. Taiwanese museumgoers will be presented with minä perhonen's brand development history and details about its products.

Becoming Part of the Ocean

“The Deeper than Our Memories, More Magical than Our Dreams'' is the theme adopted for the solo exhibition of the artist Chen Yen-bo. The thematic exhibition brings us to enter the universe of Chen's imagination – people live in an underwater world and every daily object turns into a decoration of the marine world. The main subject of this exhibition reflects the rising sea level caused by the greenhouse effect and reminds people to care about environmental protection.

Imagination of a Future Market

Have you ever imagined what a future market will be like? Displayed at the U-mkt in Wanhua, Taipei, the exhibit Vessel of Future Commune invites you to visit the exhibition to appreciate and imagine a corner of a future market.